«Bringing to life a character that has no relation to yourself, that is a lovely process.»

We have known Greta for a long time. Not personally, but we do follow her footsteps. We have always liked her fresh, warm and spontaneous personality. Beyond her French-style charisma, one can see that her concerns have to do with the good life in general. She likes to look after herself, eat well, take photographs and, above all, to do so in good company – she adores her girlfriends! This is all obvious from her Instagram account, where she is always sharing good times with her people. The daughter of an actor and a writer, Greta lives art in her very essence ever since she was small, and you can see it in her gaze and in the lively way she responds to every question we ask.


We improvise a meeting. The film La hija de un ladrón (The Thief’s Daughter) will shortly be presented at the Most Festival and we take the opportunity of having her at home to interview her for #fantasticwomen. She is charmed to receive us, in an informal yet natural way, casual yet authentic. No posturing or pretence.


Don’t let her pass you by, she is Greta Fernandez and in this interview (or conversation with a drink) you will fall in love with her, just like the whole world is falling in love with her character Sara, in Belén Funes’ first film.



Greta, what is your daily life like? How do you organize yourself?

I don’t have a very clear routine, because a lot depends on whether or not I’m working. For example, just now I’m promoting the film, so my routine is not having time for anything. But for me that is the wonderful thing about my work, having times when I’m not doing anything (and enjoying the pleasure of dolce far niente) or also taking time to train, spend more time at home (I’m a homebody), I love reading, watching films… also arrange get-togethers with my girlfriends. I moved to Madrid recently, to the Lavapiés district and, if I have time, I’m slowly discovering it. And that is my day-to-day if I’m not working.


And if you’re working?

I like to thoroughly study the character I’m playing. I really enjoy the creation process, it is so creative if you give it your all. The moment you give her a voice and watch how she moves and walks, bringing to life a character that has no relation to yourself, that is a lovely process. Even though you come up against your insecurities and your fears, you have to face yourself a bit… The process is very tough but very cool, and when I’m not working I miss it.


What inspires you?

I am hugely inspired by my girlfriends, they are a great source of inspiration. In fact, when working with characters and emotions, anything can inspire you. Walking, strolling… you watch how people live and express themselves.


And your passion other than film?

I like lots of things: writing, taking photos… above all, writing. I know that one day I’ll write a screenplay or direct a film. It’s something I’ll do eventually.


You mentioned earlier that you’ve started training… Which healthy habits do you recommend?

My mother has always educated me about healthy eating. She followed a macrobiotic diet and always instilled it in me at home. So I really like to cook healthy food and also look after my skin with my creams, my face masks, my baths… and my moments of relaxation are sacrosanct. And yes, I’ve started to work on routines with a professional trainer who helps me to keep up when I’m really busy. I started before filming La hija de un ladrón and I was fit to withstand the six tough weeks of shooting.


And what types of exercises are they exactly?

Well, I’ve started to do boxing! (laughing)


Professionally, what type of actor are you?

I believe I’ve achieved a good balance between being a relaxed person and a good professional. During the creative process, in La Hija de un Ladrón, I had a very tough time but I also thoroughly enjoyed it, because I’m not the sort of person to beat myself up either, or immerse myself in the character 24/7. I’m good at separating work and personal life. I think I’m serious about my work, but I’m also quite airy.


And on a personal level, what is Greta like?

(This question is answered by her friend Maty Chevrière, who accompanies her during the presentation of “La hija de un ladrón” at the Most Festival).

Greta is a person of unique inner peace. She has a very interesting way of being thoughtful and putting herself in somebody else’s skin. She can give a completely different vision of how things are viewed. She is a very empathetic person.


Do you think that’s true about you?

A bit… (she answers timidly)


What has been your most Mistinguett experience?

I think it was in my only brush with the theatre, in the play Amanda T. I acquired a lot of self-assurance in acting, because I found many resources in myself that I didn’t know about, and I felt comfortable on stage, which also makes you feel really powerful. Theatre, unlike film, gives you a unique presence. And I think it was in that moment that my work as an actor clicked for me.


For you, who would be today’s Mistinguett? Who would be your most Mistinguett role model?

I’m not much into role models (laughs), but I admire many actors, such as Isabelle Huppert, Marion Cotillard, many female directors… But in truth I don’t have a preferred one.



A time of day for drinking cava?

A colour?

A film?
“Harold and Maude” by Hal Ashby

A song?
“Ne me quitte pas” by Jacques Brel.

A book?
“Momo” by Michael Ende

A handbag must?
Lip salve!