MISTINGUETT – Mistinguett Sparkling Wine

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    ... is a tribute to all the women who work hard every day to make their dreams come true, just as Mistinguett did. A woman that, with audacity, effort and constancy became the most important french vedette of all times.

  • What's the right thing?

    Is it correct to accept being told differently when, in reality, you are singular ...? Is it right to worry about what others say, when what is really worrying is that they do not say anything about you ...? Is the right thing to believe that elegance is a question of patterns, when there is nothing more elegant than fleeing stereotypes with style ...? The correct thing is that you respect the established norms, in spite of the fact that those norms have been established without respecting you ...? Is it correct to follow the path marked by forgetting that in this life, the only ones who make a difference are those who trace their own path ...? The correct thing is to ask permission to do what you want, when in fact what you want is not to ask for permission for anything ...? Have you not wondered, then, that perhaps the right thing is to dare to do the wrong thing?