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There are secrets that are worth waiting for to be discovered. They are the kind of mystery that makes the innocence of life flower inside of you… And that is what happened to us at Secret Vida. We knew what we went for: to share out some fantastic bubbles among the people who attended a wonderful venue, Finca Mas Solers. But little more! Not even we knew which groups would appear on stage…

In a nutshell: we had two fantastic days during which people greatly enjoyed our Brut Rosé both at the Festival’s welcome event and once inside the site, where they could also ask for Brut mini bottles… So many people discovered this fun and easy way to drink cava!

As the groups revealed themselves, the atmosphere turned increasingly festive, the music was ramped up and people just kept on dancing. And there we were, among the bubbles and some fantastic people.

Now we can only think of the Vida Festival 2019, which will signal the start of summer and a chance to again celebrate Vida and life together! ☺

Let’s Vida!
Let’s #mistinguettfantastic!



The opening of the new Lola Casademunt shop in Madrid took place on 28 November. The flagship store could not be better situated: in the very heart of Madrid’s shopping district, on Calle Lagasca número 72. And there we were, surrounded by jewellery, apparel, glamour and glitter, this time with our Mistinguett Brut Rosé to put a mellow spin on the afternoon for all the celebrities and clients who attended. We had a blast and would like to wish the entire Lola Casademunt team many many successes. Here’s hoping that we can always raise a toast together! For this Christmas… take good note: Calle Lagasca, 72. 😉 Don’t miss the video of this fantastic event:


We’re so nervous! Today we are collaborating for the first time with Extraordinaria, a community of entrepreneurial women who want to live on their talent. We think it’s a fantastic match, because Mistinguett represents many of the things they are championing.
Real women with great ideas who are very keen to carry them out, just like Mistinguett did in the past, and she went on to become the most important showgirl of all time.
And there we will be, joining them and filling their encounter with bubbles and magic, this time with our mini bottles.
We love the idea of informalizing cava, of drinking it casually from the bottle. Why not? We feel it is a defiant yet glamorous thing to do.

Let’s raise a toast, ladies, let’s toast to a world filled with talent and Extraordinary women!

PICTURES: @swingyourpics


We enjoyed some truly magical nights in Sitges during the Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.

After having worked on it for a long time, we had the opportunity of presenting our brand’s most iconic product: La Plume by Mistinguett.

The presentation took place in an incomparable setting, the balcony over the sea in Sitges at the “Blood Red Carpet by Mistinguett” party surrounded by personalities, glamour and authenticity.

The party turned into a cabaret when the actress Jordina Biosca brought the genuine Mistinguett to life. It was she, in an aerial performance, who revealed the new bottle to everyone, while thousands of feathers fell and the sky lit up in a pyrotechnic display. It was fantastic!

La Plume is the product that seeks to break with established moulds, a blanc de noirs made from pinot noir with fresh and fruity hints, dressed in an exclusive bottle inspired in the feathers used for the first time in a show by Mistinguett and which, to cap it all, won a gold medal in the most important packaging competition: the 2017 Pentawards.


At this time we need more products like this, products with which you can identify… different, brimming with personality, young and ground-breaking.


Are you bold enough to try it? I did and fell in love with it!


Mistinguett has made a special collaboration with Óscar León, in which the designer reflects the spirit of the brand with its unmistakable designs.

The first collaboration was at the Alimentaria fair, where the designer painted a mural on our stand with an exclusive phrase for Mistinguett where he wanted to make clear the philosophy of the brand. “A philosophy of being faithful to its principles, its illusions and fighting for them, to fight for their dream, which ends up being their way of life: their hobby, their enthusiasm,” he said.

In addition, for the 080 Fashion Week, he also signed exclusive totebags with his designs, where the assistants were able to take a gift dedicated by the designer, who was the star of the first fashion week parade in Barcelona. Everybody fell in love at the catwalk with his famous t-shirts with a message, where he talks about the various types of love. Unmistakable T-shirts with which he has also released two exclusive designs for Mistinguett.


We like music, summer, and be present at the best events of the year. That’s why we were at the VIDA Festival from June 28 to July 1, enjoying Franz Ferdinand, St. Vincent, Iron & Wine, Calexico, Los Planetas and They Might Be Giants, among others.

This year, they also celebrated the fifth aniversary, and that they have consolidated themselves as an indispensable event on the indie festivals route within the peninsule. For its defined and adjusted concept, its privacy – a small space designed to avoid agglomerations that exhausted all the tickets months before – and its location by the sea, VIDA Festival has been growing during these five years.

Mistinguett was in the different bars at the VIDA Club and in the VIDA Picnic, and thanks to the contest we did on Instagram, three of our fans could also enjoy the festival.

See you next year on the sixth edition!

Mistinguett is fashionable. They face the summer climbing the catwalk, at the 22nd 080 Barcelona Fashion. Mistinguett Sparkling is a tribute to all those women who work every day to make their dreams come true as Mistinguett did. A woman who, with audacity, effort and perseverance managed to be the most important vedette of all time in the world of entertainment in France. Mistinguett is the stage name of Jeanne Florentine Bourgeois (1875-1956), a legendary French singer, actress and star.

            The Mistinguett brand, which has already climbed the catwalk at the winter edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, last February, is back allying itself with avant-garde fashion from June 25 to 29 at the Sant Pau Modernist Site in Barcelona. In the Village, with free access, and in the VIP area of ​​the 080 Barcelona Fashion, the modern and glamorous Brut, Brut Nature and Brut Rosé Mistinguett will be served, some of which are skimily styled from top to bottom.

The former fashion editor of ‘Vogue USA’, André Leon Talley, with more than 25 years of experience in the first international line, is the guest of exception of the 22nd edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk. The following brands and creators will parade: Amt .; Antonio Miró; Aubergin; Brain & Beast; Boboli; Como pez en el agua; Custo Barcelona; IS. Collection; Escorpion Studio Barcelona; Ester Ferrando Knitwear; Guillermina Baeza; Killing Weekend; Krizia Robustella; Lebor Gabala; Lola Casademunt; Mans Concept Menswear; Manuel Bolaño; Miquel Suay; Miriam Ponsa; Naulover; Oscarleon; Red Point; Sweet Matitos; TCN; Txell Miras; Xevi Fernández; i Z1. In addition, as a novelty of this edition, the organization wanted to give the catwalk also in fashion schools and the final day will host a parade of final thesis of young designers from the IDE and LCI Barcelona centers.

On the other hand, on June 6, Mistinguett collaborated with the gala of the first edition of the Fashion-FAD awards, which have won the designer Victor von Schwarz, the brand Piñatex by Ananas Anam and the designer Pepa Salazar.