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On October 3th, the Women Evolution Congress on “Health, Emotional Welfare and Transformational Leadership” was held at ESADECreapolis, dedicated to women managers, professionals and businesswomen. Of course, Mistinguett had to be there, next to so many fantastic women. 🙂

Our CEO, Marta Vidal, had the honor of being one of the women who awarded the We Leadership Awards together with Dr. Candela Calle, Health Area Director, Scientific Committee of the WE and Laura Martínez, President of the ICD.

These awards for female talent are a recognition of women leaders for their professional careers. Elected by the WE scientific committee, the winners were:
Ms. Mara Dierssen, neurologist, Research Director Center for Genomic Regulation of Barcelona
Mrs. Mercè Conesa, President of the Port Barcelona
Mrs. Nuria Basi, Businesswoman and Grup Set President
Mrs. Carme Artigas, Big Data and AI expert, co-founder of Synergic Partners
Ms. Ana Maria Lajusticia, Bachelor in Chemistry, student, writer and lecturer.
So, a toast to all these #fantasticwomen! It is a real pleasure to be next to so much talent and professionalism.
And for many more editions of the We Leadership Awards!



You already know… We love events! And even more if they are as special as Ms. Anna Cortina’s one. Last October 10th, we were glad to be at the Axel Hotels’ Sky Bar, taking part to a presentation of seven hand-painted handbags of the designer made by several artists, in order to support the Fundació Lluita contra la Sida. What authentic artworks!

These unique pieces will be put up for auction on next November 18th at the People in Red’s gala and all the funds will be raised for research and development of the foundation’s own activities.

And Mistinguett, once again, toasting art and good causes. For more projects like this! 😉




Anniversaries are always special, even for people who insist on not celebrating them or on not remembering to count them. Commemorations allow us to feel the present more strongly than ever, because the candles are lit, live and right this minute, and we have in our hands the responsibility of halting the drift of our thoughts to make a wish that is sufficiently transcendental to last us a whole year. At the same time it allows to cast a glance at the past and assume the many times we have already blown out the candles to understand who is behind that cake and of course to ask ourselves who we want to have with us now and in the future. It all happens in a flash. We review what we are and take a photo to have a record that this is a day that does count. 


Last Thursday we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Mistinguett Sparkling with a party at the Vivero Beach Club, part of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival. Imagine what is involved in celebrating 10 years of thinking of, producing and serving bottles to accompany celebrations of every kind, large or small but all of them celebrations. Do you know how many people are involved in this anniversary? I assure you that the figure deserves being celebrated. And that is what we did.


It was a night filled with stars. Stars like you, who shine and are indispensable for drawing in new ones. And also film stars. The party by the sea anticipated the fact that Mistinguett Sparkling has a horizon ahead of it and that continuing our voyage is worth it. 


However, what differentiates any old party from an anniversary party is the cake and its power to halt time and make the “here and now” last. Obviously there was no lack of cake on Thursday at the 10-year Mistinguett celebration. Before blowing out the candles, we looked around and saw you. You were there, together with the rest of the people, and we thought it was magical to have come this far together. So much so that Lari the Magician, the master of ceremonies for the evening, succeeded in transforming our emotion into a refreshing shower, the indisputable prelude to a long life for Mistinguett Sparkling. 


Dedicated to all the people, with their names and surnames, who accompanied us at the 10-year anniversary party, people who we feel are always close to us and ensure that each day counts.


A special thanks goes to the Sitges Film Festival for turning 10 days out of a year into 10 days of magic and fantasy. Here is toasting to more Festival years!



There are some lovely afternoons! Honestly, we adore attending these… sweet moments! That’s it. Never better said. Sweet because we are in the most beautiful of places: the new Anthropologie shop in Barcelona (have you seen the cute things they have?); you are surrounded by fantastic people (hugs to our friends from XXL Comunicación); and on top of that you are given a gastronomic photography workshop imparted by Carolina Ferrer herself (besides being a top professional, you are absolutely charming!). Could one possibly ask for more? Yes, everything well-paired with Mistinguett Rosé. Talk about feeling good! J


Carolina taught us all her tricks for taking gastronomy photos with a mobile phone. On every level, like a true professional! On an artistic level, she showed us how to make a composition and create a still life shot from above (dear instagrammers, you know that this has long been the trend in food photography, don’t you?). On a technical level, she showed us tricks on how to frame, focus and play with exposure. She also showed us a few apps that will be a huge help in editing photos before posting them.


We were then able to create our own still lifes and to make our compositions with the Anthropologie items we had at our disposal, plus flowers, lots of fresh flowers! Look at the photos… Mistinguett had to be there in the creations, pink looked so good in the glasses!



We are framing that afternoon as a lovely souvenir. And we hope to have more like it! We’ll tell you all about it…


Hugs and good health!



On Thursday 25th, Mistinguett attended the presentation of the new MELICH brand of garments. Its designers set up a pop-up show in a gorgeous space, Ó! Estudio in Barcelona’s Gracia district.


The three young entrepreneurs have launched their sustainable clothing brand with great enthusiasm and, above all, with a lot of taste. A pretty and very delicate swimwear collection in on-trend neutral colours. Now you know, organic colours are in vogue!


Sustainable fashion, organic colours and our vegan products… Mistinguett had to be there! We love to nudge new brands along and bring a touch of joy with our bubbles to so many jitters and so much enthusiasm. It’s a great pleasure! As you know, Mistinguett is a tribute to women who fight to make their dreams happen, and the right thing is to be there, on the spot, whenever we can. 😉


Good luck girls!


If you are reading this article, are an entrepreneur and are starting out on a new project … You have our support! Contact us and let’s discuss things freely. J



You can tell at a glance that Maria Xinxó is clearly a fantastic woman. Her cat-like gaze, her almost-platinum, curly hair (ok, straight today!). Her dress sense is ever-changeable yet impeccable. Her smile is always followed by laughter. She is undiluted expressiveness. A touchstone in journalism in Catalonia, she is a successful co-presenter, jointly with Albert Om, in the Rac1 programme, Islàndia, a ratings leader in its time slot. Maria is a follower of Mistinguett ever since she discovered it at the Sitges Film Festival and became an ambassador for our iconic bottle, La Plume.

Want to be imbued with her optimism? Read on!

What is your day to day like?

My day to day is quite chaotic (she laughs) in that it involves so many hours and it’s difficult to switch off when you do a programme like Islàndia, which looks for human stories and not those of celebrities or big names. So I start working at 11 am and don’t leave until the programme ends at 8.30 pm. Then we have a meeting with the team until 9 pm or more… so I’m working all day and even in my free time, weekends, while I’m sleeping… I’m still thinking of content for the programme.

Which means you adore your work…

Yes I do. If I didn’t… it would be impossible. People say it’s a vocation, and that’s what it is. I did the scientific baccalaureate and circumstantially ended up studying journalism. The truth is that, if you don’t like it, if you’re not enjoying yourself, it’s not worth it because you put so many hours into it. In my case it is certainly worth it because I like it so much.

How do you organize yourself?

With post-its, making lists… I walk around with lists all day to get myself organized, crossing off what I’ve done and jotting down ideas that pop into my head. If I have some free time, I make a lot of headway in one topic so as to have enough documentation for later. There is no other secret: making lists, crossing stuff off and “checking, checking, checking…”.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the views we have here at Rac1. I think it’s wonderful to work with this light because it is life-enhancing, I even have the feeling of flying… of thinking freely.

And your passion?

Radio, communication, people, stories… sharing. I am very active on social media, particularly Instagram, and I believe the basis for this channel is exactly that: sharing. Sharing your day to day, things that sometimes look silly but which people like, and I love seeing what others are doing, the places they go… And in the end you learn so many things you didn’t know.

And laughter! I don’t remember a day I didn’t laugh. Even on the most dismal days, in tough moments, humour will always find a way out. It is a perfect relief valve.

Do you have any healthy habits?

I recently started going to the gym, which was a major pending issue with me… I had tried it several times but couldn’t sustain it, I would pay the fees and not go… Until I joined a gym that’s right next to my workplace and is perfect for me, because otherwise it would be impossible and the usual would happen. So the minute I’m out of here that’s where I go. I have a personal trainer who really motivates me to continue. He is very encouraging. I also go to group sessions with other people, which forces me to follow the pace of the others, and we’re back to the topic of sharing… The truth is that I feel so much better every time I work out. I hope I can make it last!

Over and above a style… We would like to know what it is that makes Maria Xinxó stand out?

I think the secret is that I do what I like. There are days when I really dress up and others when I like an informal look. Sometimes people are surprised: “Hey, what a rock chick!” or “You’re quite bold today, aren’t you?”. There are days when I’ll wear 6-inch heels and next day I’ll wear trainers, and I feel comfortable in both. The same with my hair, I don’t have a specific style: my hair is curly but today I wear it straight. I don’t like to be pigeonholed. I’ll wear whatever I feel like that day. That’s the fun of who I am. Nothing is premeditated.

Which has been your most Mistinguett experience?

Mistinguett for me is elegance. La Plume is exactly that, elegance. And my Mistinguett experience was the party at which La Plume was presented at the Sitges Film Festival. It was a lovely event, and very cutting-edge. There was such an interesting mix of styles. There was something modern, something elegant, also risky… I believe that all this is given and defined by Mistinguett.

You already know about the real Mistinguett, you know that we pay tribute to her and to all women who fight for their dream. Right now, who would be your reference, your Mistinguett?

I have no doubt at all. A few months ago I discovered a remarkable woman. Her name is Clara Peya, she is a composer and pianist. This girl, like the woman Mistinguett, is a total risk-taker. Her shows are unlike anything I’ve normally seen. She is very special, very feminist. In her work everything she says makes sense: the lyrics of her last album are very militant and in her show, which is at Sala Beckett right now, she was so compelling that she left me speechless. Clara has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and together with her sister, who is a dancer, they depict this reality in a truly lovely way, doing away with any stigma. There are so many taboos nowadays when speaking of mental illness. But she breaks every one of those taboos. This is why, for me, this woman is a reference in many aspects.


A time of day for drinking cava.
I would say any time, but let’s say… mid-afternoon.

A colour.

A film.
“Moulin Rouge”.

A song.
“Elephant Love Medley” from Moulin Rouge. It is a fabulous mix of songs.

A book.
The last one I’ve read, “L’art de portar gavardina (The Art of Wearing a Trench Coat)” by Sergi Pàmies, which really made an impact because there is so much truth in it.

Something indispensable in your handbag.
Lip salve. Ok, and my mobile! (she laughs out loud) The thing is, it’s never in my handbag, it’s always in my hand.

And for you, what is the correct thing?
For me the correct thing is to be happy. To smile. To have fun with what you do. And the incorrect thing as well.




I wouldn’t know how to describe everything we experienced last week at this winter edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. Days filled with a lot of fashion, certainly, but also some fabulous people who enjoyed Mistinguett Sparkling both at our catwalk show and in the VIP lounge after every show.


I have to confess that before the event I wasn’t sure whether you would all fall for the Mistinguett attitude, but that’s the point! Taking risks and daring to do different things. Our catwalk show was crazy wonderful. People never stopped parading, taking photos, selfies, putting on makeup and, above all, a lot of laughter and bubbles. And by the way.. what a discovery! It looks like most of you were fans of Mistinguett Rosé. It all went!


Wednesday… was the day… Mistinguett Plume the queen of the catwalk! Oscar León presented his new collection, Plume Noir, inspired in our bottle, surrounded by feathers, in his own inimitable style, elegant and quoting phrases from our manifesto… We could not have felt more identified with the message.


La Plume, yes. Our iconic product. A tribute to Mistinguett, the most important French showgirl of all time. A ground-breaking woman whose legs were insured for more than 500,000 francs in the 1920s, who pioneered dancing among the public or using feathers in her shows.


An emotionally charged catwalk show, with a lot of female POWER, culminating in a sundowner that turned into a party with music by Nuria Scarp. We had the good fortune of meeting and sharing the Mistinguett attitude with journalists, bloggers, sommeliers and fashion enthusiasts such as Ruth Troyano, Meritxell Falgueras of Wines and the City and Gloria Vallès of Winestyle Travel.


In short, now all we have in our heads is the summer edition, being able to share more good times with the people we met and who are now devotees of the brand. We have so much to celebrate!


Until next time… which will be soon!


Kisses and lots of bubbles!





Hey, watch the video and you’ll see what a great time we had… Can you see yourself there? 😉



On Sunday the 27th we enjoyed a fantastic evening at the 11th Catalan Film Academy Gaudí Awards. A night filled with stars, authorities and the in-crowd, with Mistinguett bubbles enlivening the welcome drinks and the post-gala party. Nominees, award-winners and guests thoroughly enjoyed the Brut mini-bottles and the fabulous rosé. Toast after toast to celebrate an exceptional function! Nobody wanted the evening to end…

This was also a very special edition given the high number of women winners, which signals a surge in female film talent (from Catalonia and beyond). I am very pleased that Lola Dueñas and Anna Castillo won the Gaudí award for best female actresses, lead and supporting respectively, but I am overjoyed that in other nominations, in which gender is not specified, the winners were some great women professionals such as Celia Rico for best screenplay, Rosa Ros for best photography, Mercè Paloma for best costume design, Bàrbara Farré for best short film and Elena Trapé for best feature film. Among other female award winners!

Later, at the after-party, I raised a toast with some great actresses such as Marisa Paredes and Itziar Castro, so exciting, my legs were shaking, I admire them so much! I also chanced upon the president of the Academy, Isona Passola, who was delighted with the presence of Mistinguett. She’s a veritable brand lover, she adores our cava!

It was a truly magical night… 🙂

I certainly won’t miss it next year. Hurrah for the Gaudí awards, hurrah for films in the Catalan language and, above all, long live female filmmakers!



What a Christmas! This had to be one of the best Christmases ever.

Photo sessions thrown in with our very own Mistinguett, la Plume topping off the Christmas table, gifts and more gifts, cava, family, corks flying, laughter and bubbles…

Now coming back down to earth, feet firmly on the ground and a clear set of resolutions in mind for 2019!

This has to be the year of Mistinguett, our year, a year filled with challenges, excitement and projects I am so eager to undertake.

In a couple of weeks we’re off to a strong start! This year at the Gaudí Awards, I’m crazy thrilled at this opportunity! You can’t imagine the excitement of being present at this event. I’m longing to be there, to shout to the four winds who Mistinguett was, all about her feathers and our bubbles.

We then pack up and head for 080! Where Oscar León has more surprises in store for us…

Wow! I’m not sure I can wait! Ok, let’s get down to work! We’re running on and there’s still so much work to be done!


Have a great day! 🙂



Last Friday we were partying again, this time in uptown Barcelona, to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Elena Estaun jewellery shop.

This brand has the most gorgeous things, I would have bought everything! And there we were with Mistinguett Rosé, mingling with people, jewels and bubbles.

A fantastic evening with a live performance while people tried on jewels, toasted with Mistinguett and said sweet nothings to each other.

As a good foodie, I adore the pairings of our cava with jewels… hmmmmmm… a match made in heaven!