We don’t celebrate 10 years every day!


Anniversaries are always special, even for people who insist on not celebrating them or on not remembering to count them. Commemorations allow us to feel the present more strongly than ever, because the candles are lit, live and right this minute, and we have in our hands the responsibility of halting the drift of our thoughts to make a wish that is sufficiently transcendental to last us a whole year. At the same time it allows to cast a glance at the past and assume the many times we have already blown out the candles to understand who is behind that cake and of course to ask ourselves who we want to have with us now and in the future. It all happens in a flash. We review what we are and take a photo to have a record that this is a day that does count. 


Last Thursday we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Mistinguett Sparkling with a party at the Vivero Beach Club, part of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival. Imagine what is involved in celebrating 10 years of thinking of, producing and serving bottles to accompany celebrations of every kind, large or small but all of them celebrations. Do you know how many people are involved in this anniversary? I assure you that the figure deserves being celebrated. And that is what we did.


It was a night filled with stars. Stars like you, who shine and are indispensable for drawing in new ones. And also film stars. The party by the sea anticipated the fact that Mistinguett Sparkling has a horizon ahead of it and that continuing our voyage is worth it. 


However, what differentiates any old party from an anniversary party is the cake and its power to halt time and make the “here and now” last. Obviously there was no lack of cake on Thursday at the 10-year Mistinguett celebration. Before blowing out the candles, we looked around and saw you. You were there, together with the rest of the people, and we thought it was magical to have come this far together. So much so that Lari the Magician, the master of ceremonies for the evening, succeeded in transforming our emotion into a refreshing shower, the indisputable prelude to a long life for Mistinguett Sparkling. 


Dedicated to all the people, with their names and surnames, who accompanied us at the 10-year anniversary party, people who we feel are always close to us and ensure that each day counts.


A special thanks goes to the Sitges Film Festival for turning 10 days out of a year into 10 days of magic and fantasy. Here is toasting to more Festival years!