“For me, photography is like oxygen. It’s like breathing. It’s something innate.”

She has been one of the country’s most renowned photographers for quite some time. Her talent was highlighted in Vogue magazine and it has taken her work as far as Japan. Her style is so characteristic that you can recognize it instantly. We talk with Martina Matencio, better known for her Instagram account, @lalovenenoso. She is 29 years old and lives in Barcelona, in the same studio where she works. A light-filled loft where she creates a large part of her particular universe.

Would you like to know a bit more about her?

What is your day-to-day like? How do you organize yourself?

I get up very early and straight away I start looking at emails while I have breakfast. Then, around 10 am, I normally do a shoot and as soon as I’m done I start editing the photos. I see myself as an organized person, as I have a pretty methodical lifestyle: I get up, take the photos and edit them. Normally it is always like this. I jot down things in a notebook, I don’t like to use my mobile to organize myself. Before I thought I could remember everything, but now I need to write it all down to stay on top of things.

What inspires you?

Lots of things: a book, a film, a song… When it comes to creating, what inspires me the most is feelings, in other words, my mood.

And your passion?

Photography. (She thinks) I would say that I don’t know whether I could live without taking photos. I’ve had a camera with me since I was 16 and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. Obviously I could do other things, but photography is absolutely tops for me.

So you make a living from photography. You have turned your passion into your vocation. Do you think you have fulfilled your dream?

I don’t even know if it’s my dream. That’s not how I view it. For me it’s like oxygen. It’s like breathing. It’s something innate.

Do you have any healthy habits?

I try to eat healthily, but I’m not obsessed about food. I practiced sport until recently. I was also vegan, but now I’m vegetarian.

Did you know that all our products are vegan?

Really? I didn’t know! (she happily takes a sip of La Plume)

We don’t want to ask you about your style because we don’t want to pigeonhole you, but… What do you do to stand out?

I believe that, professionally, what sets my style apart is how I deal with light and colour in my images. And this is created through how I feel, through my moods, it becomes my trademark together with the treatment I give to daylight.

Which has been your most Mistinguett experience?

For me, Mistinguett is an entrepreneurial woman. It is tied to freedom, and I think that’s what it is: to be free within society. Ultimately, to do what one truly feels. Leaving gender aside, many of us are afraid to do the things we really want, because it is hard. Though fear is important for persevering, because if you don’t feel fear, everything would be very … easy.

You are an inspiration, especially for many girls who want to start out in photography, but for you, which would be your archetype, your Mistinguett for the present day?

I don’t know. I don’t have a model I follow. I admire many women, especially writers because I read a lot, but I don’t have a standard to follow… at this time.



A time of day for drinking cava.
In the evening, after work.

A colour.

A film.
“Youth” by Paolo Sorrentino.

A song.
Any song by Sigur Rós.

A book.
The one I’m reading now by Luna Miguel. The thing is I don’t remember the title… and to think that its cover photo is mine!

Something indispensable in your handbag.
My mobile.

And for you, what is the right thing?
Doing what we truly want to do, what we feel. Fearfully but courageously.