«The Mistinguett woman is someone who is not afraid to show herself in her true essence.»

We resume our #fantasticwomen interviews with a clear example of this. Anna Cortina is 44 years old, lives and works in Barcelona and is a designer and entrepreneur. Yes, a full-blown entrepreneur, because she has grown a brand with a proper full name. Yes, her own full name, but her handbags have as much personality and magic as Anna herself. You could be wearing your usual basics, but with a handbag by Anna Cortina you would stand out for your elegance, colour and audacity. Anna enjoys prestige and has taken to the world of the greats like a duck to water. She has an infallible eye for the talent of others and takes a chance on them in her collections.

Anna and her team invited us into their showroom and made us feel completely at home. We spent a super pleasant afternoon, barely noticing that we were interviewing her. It was more like a conversation with a girlfriend. Anna is warmth and passion. She is light and colour. Enthusiasm and knowledge. Pure emotion and authenticity.

She loves being surprised. What about you? Would you like her to surprise you? She will delight you …

What is your day to day like? How do you organize yourself?

Like all women, I organize myself by trying to find time where there isn’t any! I try to set myself some attainable goals during my day-to-day and I’m fortunate to have a great team that helps me to achieve them, almost always successfully. I am lucky to have a fantastic partner in my husband, and between the two of us we make a great team. Depending on the day, we try to share out the family tasks and the care of our three children (Martina, 14, Camilo, 10 and Chloe, 8).

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me, from the loving kindness in a child’s smile to a colour, an experience at the opera, a play or a good film, wherever my imagination takes me when following the lines in a book…

And your passion?

I am passionate about art and fashion, two disciplines which I try to unite in my latest project. I am constantly looking for elements that may surprise me.

Do you have any healthy habits?

I go for a run every day from 6 to 7 am, at lunchtime I sneak out for a boxing session and in the afternoons, before returning home, I go for a strenuous spinning session… no, I’m joking!

I do try to practice some sport, although I wish I did more. I like Pilates and I go horse riding once a week. I try to walk each day as much as I can, which is something I never used to do and makes me feel great. I try to be more careful with what I eat and believe I’ve found a balance in this regard, because I’ve realized that eating well gives you more and better energy to withstand the fast daily pace. Doing a bit of exercise combined with eating properly is something I recommend to everyone.

We don’t want to pigeonhole you in any style, but… What would you highlight about yourself?

I don’t like labels and I don’t like to define myself too accurately. I like the freedom to be constantly evolving and making the most of the different suggestions I find along the way so that I can reinvent myself each time. I believe that nowadays there are so many alternatives that the most important thing is to feel happy in yourself and to be as authentic as possible, doing what your feelings tell you at any given time.

Which has been your most Mistinguett experience?

My most Mistinguett experience has been to go back to being an entrepreneur with this new project, where I’m committed to uniting two disciplines, fashion and art. I’m passionate about both. “Anna Cortina” is an engagement with crafts, with roots, with tradition, with enjoying things that are well made, with living in an authentic way. In a word, with the values of our time.

Who would be today’s Mistinguett for you? Who would be your most Mistinguett model?

For me, a Mistinguett woman would be someone who is both fragile and strong, sweet and determined, who is not afraid to show her true essence. A courageous woman who reinvents and gives the best of herself in any of the situations and challenges she encounters in her life, a real woman. I am lucky to be surrounded by several examples of Mistinguett woman, which is why I can’t give you just one, but rather their essence.



A time of day for drinking cava.

In the morning.

A colour.

Black is one of my favourite colours to dress in, and a colour I love since I was small and which gives me strength and energy is yellow.

A film.

 “Hector and the Search for Happiness” by Peter Chelsom and “Life is Beautiful” by Roberto Benigni.

A song.

 “Qué bonito” (How Lovely) by Rosario Flores.

A book.

 “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss, a book that has great meaning in my life, and a book I absolutely recommend is “Tiempo de tormentas” (Time of Storms), by Boris Izaguirre.

Something indispensable in your handbag.

My mobile and water.

And for you, what is the correct thing?

For me, the right way to live is with authenticity, without masks. I believe it is important to be true to oneself and to recognize that we each of us have a talent and a passion that characterizes us. Our mission is to discover what makes us special.