SITGES – Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

We enjoyed some truly magical nights in Sitges during the Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.

After having worked on it for a long time, we had the opportunity of presenting our brand’s most iconic product: La Plume by Mistinguett.

The presentation took place in an incomparable setting, the balcony over the sea in Sitges at the “Blood Red Carpet by Mistinguett” party surrounded by personalities, glamour and authenticity.

The party turned into a cabaret when the actress Jordina Biosca brought the genuine Mistinguett to life. It was she, in an aerial performance, who revealed the new bottle to everyone, while thousands of feathers fell and the sky lit up in a pyrotechnic display. It was fantastic!

La Plume is the product that seeks to break with established moulds, a blanc de noirs made from pinot noir with fresh and fruity hints, dressed in an exclusive bottle inspired in the feathers used for the first time in a show by Mistinguett and which, to cap it all, won a gold medal in the most important packaging competition: the 2017 Pentawards.


At this time we need more products like this, products with which you can identify… different, brimming with personality, young and ground-breaking.


Are you bold enough to try it? I did and fell in love with it!