OSCARLEON feat. Mistinguett

Mistinguett has made a special collaboration with Óscar León, in which the designer reflects the spirit of the brand with its unmistakable designs.

The first collaboration was at the Alimentaria fair, where the designer painted a mural on our stand with an exclusive phrase for Mistinguett where he wanted to make clear the philosophy of the brand. “A philosophy of being faithful to its principles, its illusions and fighting for them, to fight for their dream, which ends up being their way of life: their hobby, their enthusiasm,” he said.

In addition, for the 080 Fashion Week, he also signed exclusive totebags with his designs, where the assistants were able to take a gift dedicated by the designer, who was the star of the first fashion week parade in Barcelona. Everybody fell in love at the catwalk with his famous t-shirts with a message, where he talks about the various types of love. Unmistakable T-shirts with which he has also released two exclusive designs for Mistinguett.